America In the Early 19th Century

The War of 1812

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Vocabulary Terms and Identifications
Important Maps
Biographies of Key Historical Figures


War was declared 1n 1812.  It  was U.S.A. against Britain.  The reason was because Britain was mistreating American sailors.  They were also supporting Indian resistance.  The War ended in 1814 with a treaty of peace.

The first battle in the war was the invasion of Canada.  The United States was not ready for war, they only had 700 untested solders.  They didn't have many ships either.

The very last battle was the battle of New Orleans. General Andrew Jackson was defending America.  At least 8,000 British were killed but only 8 Americans died.  The war ended with the Treaty of Ghent in 1814.

Vocabulary and Identifications

1) Nationalism- a strong feeling of pride in ones country

2) Tecumseh- Tecumseh was the brother of the prophet (Tenskwatawa) he was a leader and one of those uncommon geniuses

3) War Hawks- they were members of the congress who wanted to go to war with Britain

4) Prophets town- is the capital for the people of Prophets town, it was on the tip of the Tippecanoe River, in the present day state Indiana.

5) The star spangled banner- A poem written by Francis Scott key.

Important Maps

The major battles of the War of 1812
The major battles of the War of 1812

Biographies of Important People
Oliver Perry

 Oliver Perry was an important person in the War of 1812.  He was an American captain.  He assembled a fleet of 10 ships.  Oliver won 2 battles for the US.  In 1813 his army destroyed a British fleet on Lake Erie. 

Francis Scott Key

 Francis Scott Key was an American lawyer.  He was taken prisoner by Britain.  As a battle was going on he watched.  The evening of the battle he wrote a poem. Today, that poem is our National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.” 



 Quiz on War of 1812

1) Who was Tecumseh?

2) What does embargo mean?

3) What did the Embargo Act of 1807 fulfill?

4) Where is Prophets town specifically located?

5) Governor Harrison sent how many soldiers to Prophets town?

6) In August 1814, what did the British decide to do to Washington D.C.?

7) What is the definition of Nationalism and what country felt this way?

8) The War of 1812 lasted how many years?

9) Who won the first two victories in the Northwest and where specifically?

10) Where did Tecumseh die?


1) The Shawnee chief who was born in Ohio in 1768
2) A complete halt in trade with other nations
3) It said that no ships could leave American ports and no foreign ships could enter them.
4) It is located on the Tippecanoe River in the present day of Ohio.
5) More than 1,000.
6) They marched there and burned the city while the president fled to Virginia because of this incident.
7) A strong feeling of pride in one's country. Americans felt this way because their young nation had stood up against the most powerful nation in the world.
8) 3 Years (1812-1815)
9)  The first two were won by the Americans at the great Lakes and north of Lake Erie.
10) Lake Erie



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Compton's home Library
Why we Remember US. history book  by Herman J. Viola
The Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia War Of 1812 8-11
Historical maps on file

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