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Chapter 4:  The Conquest of the Americas


Cause and effect means that one event or situation helped bring about another event or situation. In the chart below, place the cause with the correct effect.


Page Number

Cause (This event happened:

…and as a result…) Effect

1) 94, Column 1

The Spanish wanted to win converts, to gain gold, and to bring glory to Spain.


2) 95, Column 1

The Aztecs believed that a white-skinned god would come from the east.


3) 96, Column 2





Pizarro subdued the Incas fairly easily.

4) 97, Column 1

After the Spanish conquered Mexico and Peru, they wanted more riches.


5) 97, Column 2





The Spaniard explored Florida.

6) 99, Column 1 and 2


The Spanish explorer wandered throughout the southwest and as far North as Kansas.

7) 99 Column 2

Cabrillo led an entrada northward as far as what is now southern Oregon.




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