Title: Vocabulary List Chapter 1 and 2


Write a definition for each of the following words or write a sentence identifying what the term means.

Answer any questions that may appear at the end of the list.


1) Pg. 10: Migration



2) Glaciers



3) Indian



4) Pg. 11: Nomads



5) Pg. 13: Culture



6) Agriculture



7) Pg. 14: Civilization



8) Pp 15-17: Mayas, Aztecs, Incas (list when and where each group of people lived)



9) Pg. 20: Anasazi



10) Pg. 44: Marco Polo



11) Pg. 45: Aryans



12) Pg. 46: Navigation



13) Pg. 52: The Renaissance


14) Pp. 52-53: Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal



15) Pg. 53: Colony



Things to think about: Please complete in full sentences


1) Pg. 10: why do Native Americans prefer to be called by the name of their tribe rather than by the term Indian?




2) When do scientists believe the first Americans migrated to the Americas?




3) What does an archeologist study? What does an anthropologist study? Look these terms up in the glossary or dictionary to answer the question.




4) Pg. 39: List three major trading kingdoms of Africa.




5) List two contributions the Chinese made to navigation.


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