Idea List: The 1920s and The Jazz Age

The Roaring '20s

Effect of WW1

Gertrude Stein

Ezra Pound

Ernest Hemingway

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sinclair Lewis

The Great Migration

Marcus Garvey

The Harlem Renaissance

Countee Cullen, Claude McKay, and

James Weldon Johnson

Zora Neale Hurston

Langston Hughes


Cotton Club

Louis Armstrong

The Jazz Singer


George Herman "Babe" Ruth

Rudolph Valentino

Charles Lindbergh

Amelia Earhart


The Automobile

"Flaming Youth"


The Scopes Trial

Warren G. Harding

Andrew W. Mellon

Teapot Dome Scandal

Calvin Coolidge

Henry Ford

The Assembly Line

Advertising and Credit

Herbert Hoover

Buying Stocks "on margin"

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