Lesson Plan: US History

Topic: The 1920s


Objectives: The students will

I. classify key ideas related to the 1920s into broad categories such as politics, business, and entertainment.

II. identify key personalities and events related to the 1920s.

Warm-up Activity (Anticipatory Set): What do you know?

A) Have students identify what they already know about the 1920s.

B) Create a list of concepts on the board. Then classify the ideas into the following categories in chart form:

Politics and Government Business and Industry Entertainment and Culture Arts and Literature Science and Technology

C) Discuss the definition of each chart heading. This will be important for the main activities.

C) After reviewing section one of the textbook chapter on the 1920s, have students complete the following matching activity (available as a separate sheet here).

1920s Warm-Up

Match the following terms with the one that is related to it:

___1) Lynching

___2) Russia

___3) Red Scare

___4) Sacco and Vanzetti

___5) Ku Klux Klan

___6) Warren G. Harding


A) Italian Anarchists accused and executed for murder.

B) They believed in nativism and "100% Americanism"

C) The NAACP wanted Congress to make this a federal crime.

D) The Palmer raids were a cause and a result of this social problem.

E) A Communist Revolution there made Americans uneasy.

F) He won the 1920 election over James Cox.


Main Activity: Build a Worksheet

A) Distribute the following elements:

1) Idea list for the 1920s

2) Empty chart for Politics and Government, Business and Industry, Arts and Literature, Entertainment and Culture, and Science and Technology

3) Answer bank for all ideas on the list

B) Instruct the students: 

Today you will build your own worksheet on the 1920s.

1) Either cut with a scissors or write the terms on their correct worksheet. If you write, use pencil first so you can make corrections.

2) Cut answers from answer bank and mix them up on the right side of the chart. 

3) Insert numbers on the left and letters on the right for matching.

4) Glue all terms and answers to their correct chart.

5) Create an answer key on your own paper for your worksheets.

Wrap-up Activity (Closure) Students Try Each Others Worksheets

A) Working in groups, the groups will exchange their worksheets with each other.

B) Have students complete and grade each others work.


Evaluation: The Lesson will be evaluated by

I. The accuracy of students classification of 1920s topics;

II. The scores on students on worksheets and tests and quizzes.

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