Lesson Plan: Computer Applications: Web Design Basics

Date: ___________________________________

Objectives: The students will

I. become familiar with the workings of Windows 3.11 especially Program Manager, File Manager, and MS DOS Prompt.

II. open, develop, save, and copy a text file within the windows environment.

III. become familiar with Netscape and the way its fits into the Windows 3.11 environment.

Curricular Connection: 5.2: Demonstrate the use of a desktop publishing software package, including editing and importing graphics.

Warm Up Activity (Anticipatory Set): File Types and extensions

A) Have students match the following file types with the windows program that handles each (more than one answer may be correct):

File Extension

1) .txt (Text file)
2) .wri (Write document)
3) .gif Graphics Interface Format
4) .jpg (Joint Photographics Group)
5) .htm (Hypertext document) 
6) .bmp (Windows Bitmap)
7) .wav (Sound file)
8) .zip (Zip file)
9) .doc (Word Document)
10) .exe

Program Type

A)  Media Player
B)  Netscape
C)  Write
D)  Paint
E)  Paint Shop Pro 
F)  MS Word
G) Executable file
H) Notepad, Write 
I)  Winzip 
J)  Paint Shop Pro 

  Fill in the blank: Domain name suffixes

The type of organization represented by the web document is revealed in its web address. The most common, that of the
11) _________________ suffix, is the commercial organization, otherwise known as a business. These are entities that operate for profit. Non-profit organizations are indicated by the suffix 12)_________________. Educational institutions, usually colleges and universities, have the 13)_________________ ending. Internet Service providers, and any organization that provides access to the Internet, is identified with the 14)_________________ domain. Military installations can be found with the 15)_________________ suffix. Computers housing government web sites have the 16)_________________ ending.

Complete the following web addresses:

17) The White House
18) The British Royal Family
19) University of Maryland
20) The Herald Mail

B) Review exercises with the students after they have placed their responses on their own papers.
Examples (Modeling): Creating a Header Graphic for Student Web Pages Using Paint Shop Pro Version 3.11

A) Students should follow these steps when creating a header graphic:

1) Open a new file at 600 pixels wide and 200 high.
2) Make sure the image is set to 16.7 million colors.
3) Make sure the image is started with a white background.
4) Set the foreground color to black.
5) Set the background color to the desired text color
6) Select the Text tool to decide on font, size, content and style.
7) Using black text, place it on the white background.
8) Blur the image to the desired effect.
9) Reverse the color squares so that red is now the foreground color.
10) Repeat the process without changing the settings.
11) Place the colored text over the blurred black text at an angle showing a drop shadow. Do not blur the red text after is placed on the black "shadow."

To see a visual of this process, go to Drop Shadow

Check For Understanding: Students Demonstrate Skills

A) Have students use Notepad or Write to develop a short autobiography of about two to three paragraphs.
B) Students should save their work to both the C: drive in the temp subdirectory with their own filename and to a floppy on the A: drive.
C) Show students how to copy and rename the file.
Guided Practice: Using Windows Programs Such as Netscape
A) Distribute magazines such as The Net that have web addresses students can visit.
B) Have students practice using Netscape by conducting the following tasks:

1) Opening a web document from the hard drive. List file name: ____________________

2) Renaming by using the save as dialogue box: New file name and location: _________________________

3) Visiting a web site by entering the full address: ________________________________________________

4) Save information from the web to the hard drive or floppy disk. File name:____________________________

5) Open a graphics file from a floppy disk: File name:_________________________________________

Homework (Independent Practice): Locating a web site to review

A) If possible have students locate a web site of their own choosing and interest that they would like to review. If students do not have web access, assign students a web site. web sites can be chosen from the list at  Websites and Resources Across All Subject Areas.

B) Students should submit the web address to the teacher for inspection and for the grade of  having completed the homework.
Students should also write a one-paragraph introduction relating why they chose that particular web site.

Wrap-Up Activity (Closure): Discussion The Trouble With Computers

A) Many people believe that computers are just too difficult to use. Ask the students to respond to this question:

B) If you could design a computer or operating system that you believe would be easy to use, what modifications would you make to existing hardware and software to improve computers as work and learning tools.
C) Students should respond in writing or orally through class discussion.
Evaluation: The lesson will be evaluated by:

I. the accuracy of student's written responses;

II. student's scores on future tests and quizzes.

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