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Check out this list of resources for the first day of school!
 Columbus Day Kindercrafts from

Over the four years that I have been on-line, I have traversed the wide world of web sites. Here are a number of bookmark lists that have developed over time. Please forgive their lack of rhyme or reason.

The Best of Mr. Cassutto's Bookmarks
A Sampling of Four Years of Using the Web In Education

All of the stuff below is pretty old. Many links are out of date. Sorry. Check out the link in the red box.

Mr. Cassutto's Bookmarks List #1
Bookmarks List #2. (As if the first one wasn't enough. Have fun, but be sure to get some work done, get some sleep, and be sure to take a break for food...)
Very Cool URLs I have Collected.
The Big Bookmarks List developed by the kind folks at Classroom Connect for their 1996 Connected Classroom Conference. 
Mr. Cassutto's Recently Organized Home PC Bookmarks File
For the 1997 spring Connected Classroom Conference. Here is a highly disorganized bookmarks list generated at school. This list reflects many of the units we cover in our classes. I hope to organize it one day over the summer. Use Netscape's FIND button to locate desired resources. Happy surfing/learning!

As an additional resource, I have gathered this Reasonably Complete List of Social Studies Bookmarks. I hope you find a useful site or two here.


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