The Interactive Atlas of Western Maryland: Non-Geographical Data  

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All photos by George Cassutto
© 2001
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The mountains of Western Maryland are of full of history and beauty. Please tour the frontier of the American colonies and the gateway to the Appalachian Mountains in the mid-Atlantic region by way of the Interactive Atlas of Western Maryland. The Atlas was a 1998 student Computer Applications project. You'll also find a photo album with historic and scenic sites of our region.



Welcome To Washington County, The Herald-Mail,  September 7, 1997. 

All maps courtesy of the Maryland State Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Highway Administration. 

The Hagerstown Picket Tourism Guide, Summer-Fall, 1997. 

Photo Credits    

Audra Haddock donated her time and talent to this project.

  All photos are copyrighted to Audra Haddock unless otherwise indicated.  Click on her card to visit her web site.

Other photos by George Cassutto and Beth B. 

Information on Maryland's State and Congressional leaders has been posted here. 

Visit our companion web site on the Monuments of Washington D.C.

 A full listing of the major state parks of our region is available as is a partial listing of Washington County's regional parks. We hope to add to these directories as time allows.

 Want the weather for our area? Visit the MSNBC Web Site for Hagerstown's weather. Just be sure to hit "back" on your browser!

You can get up-to-the-second weather data from North Hagerstown High School's Automated Weather Source Station, a project of WRC-TV News and Ms. Lenhart's Earth Science Class!

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Historic Western Maryland's Antietam Battlefield

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