To visit any of these parks you can call the numbers following the summer to get direction to these parks or to find out more information.
City Park, Hagerstown, MD

Photo: George Cassutto

*HAGERSTOWN CITY PARK: 301-789-8577 ext. 178 

Hagerstown's City Park A wonderful place to spend the afternoon or even the whole day. There is a 50 acre lake where there are over 250 ducks to feed year round. You can walk around the lake on the paved walking trail that circles the park. Or you may pick out of two museums such as the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts which features some of the best art in the area, from sculptures to paintings.




Woodland way park is a great place to play any kind of sporting events or even just have an afternoon picnics at their many covered tables. there are also swings and rides for the kids to play on. the sporting fields are fields for baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and tennis courts.


If your looking for a place to stop along the road and eat or to stop for the night. Harding Park would be an ideal place to stop, containing both a picnic area and a camping area.

*C&O CANAL PARK: 301-739-4200

A great place to go to have fun and further your knowledge on the historic sights of Maryland. One can easily spend your whole day at the C&O Park. One can venture to museum which has all sort of information about the canal, from why it was used to who worked on it. One may also go for a stroll on the historic Toe Path for a little and see the actual locks which are still there or you can go on a picnic at the many picnic areas where, in some spots, there are old fashioned pumps which still work. It is all around a great place to spend a couple of days. For more information go to C&O Canal


Yet another wonderful place to go this park has just about anything you could want. It has all sorts of sporting fields such as softball, baseball, football, soccer fields and tennis courts. It has plenty of picnic pavilions and places to eat. There is plenty of walking room for anyone who wants to exercise after eating or whatever the occasion may be. One can even bring the kids to use the playground equipped with swings and monkey bars to keep the kids entertained. There are also clean restrooms found near the dining area.

Devil's Backbone, Washington County, MD

A great Sunday place to be. One may dine here at the many picnic areas and have the kids go play in the playing area. Or one may want to bring your fishing rod and go fishing in the stream that runs along side the park which is stocked four times a year. For stocking information please call the number beside the name of the park. Or if one wishes, one can get dressed up and go to the outdoor chapel where services are held in the morning. All around, it's a great place to be. 

*HALFWAY COUNTY PARK: 301-791-3125

Come watch some of the best baseball around. One can come to see baseball to watch children play at Halfway little league through senior league. If one wants, one can also come play on the fields when a game is not going on to get a game going between friends and spend the whole day playing or watching Americas favorite sport. 


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