What Martin Wanted

In 1963, Martin Luther King made a poignant speech on his dreams for the future of blacks. Even though he died before he could see the results of it, his speech was the inspiration for many black leaders to come. His effort made the passage of the Civil Rights Act and desegregation possible. If he could see the United States now, he would be surprised at how much progress needs to be made.

In his Washington D.C. speech, he wished the most for desegregation. One year later with the passage of the Civil Rights Act, discrimination in public places, employment, and unions was prohibited. Now, blacks and whites sit down together in restaurants as well as in Congress. Martin Luther King wished for an end to the "winds of police brutality". Today, all policemen must treat all people with the same respect. Most Americans are more accepting of blacks into every group and event and most people have given up bigotry.

Thirty years later, Martin Luther King dreams have turned into realities, some of them have surpassed his dreams. Special organizations such as the African American Student Union show the achievements blacks have made and teach people about the special accomplishments of blacks. Authors such as Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou have gained national acclaim as some of the best American writers. The rise of powerful black politicians such as Jessie Jackson would impress King. However more still needs to be done. The Rodney King case and strong racism show need for more action.

Martin Luther King would have made numerous suggestions had he been alive to see what America has become as a society.  He would suggest to all just get along and form one American culture. He would say for everyone to be more tolerant and accept the difference between blacks and whites. "People will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King would say to all peoples to ask not what whites can do for them, but what they can do for whites. And how they can improve the situation. Nowadays, there are many organizations which fight against racism. Racism only can be end if we fight together against it. We have to cooperate for finding a solution to that problem. For example, by living in the same neighborhood, and not in split areas, with a special district reserved to blacks and another for whites, if we live the every day life together, it would be easier to accept each other as an American citizen. Finally, the most important thing is to encourage blacks and all minorities to get into politics and government. Blacks are not represented equally in Congress. Martin Luther King would have pushed blacks to take a part in governing the nation.

We have all a dream that America is going to be one nation, with different cultures, but one unified population in which each person will respect the other. We have faith in his dream because things already changed a lot and blacks and whites get along better than in 1963. The population of United States is a melting pot of many cultures and being a citizen of this country is to accept our differences as our wealth.


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