The NHHS E-mail Essay Project (1994)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Project #1:

Martin Luther King's Dream And The Reality of Black America

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HTML Essays

Discrimination Lies in the Media

1963 vs. 1995

Is The Dream A Reality?

Looking at the Facts

Is The Dream Dead or Alive?

The Evolution of the Dream

The Dream Vs. the Reality

The Tables Of Discrimination

Peaceful Means of Protest

The Civil Rights Movement: Where Has It Gone?

I Have A Dream Of Equality In The Media

King's Recommendations

The Reality And The Dream

Is The Dream Still Alive?

The Dream: America's Anti-Black Bias

Discrimination: 90s Style

Blacks In The Cinema

The Courage of His Convictions

King's Approach to Gaining Civil Rights

African-American Images in the Media: Alice and Me in Wonderland

The Black Family

The Influence of the Media on Black Culture Today

King's Civil Rights Tactics: Effective or Not?

What Martin Wanted

Contrasting Methods of the Civil Rights Movement

A Dream and its Aftermath

King's Dream: Have The Media Changed It?

Has The Dream Come True?

The Influence of Music On Racial Attitudes

Blacks in the Media

Poem: Searching For The Prize


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