King's Approach to Gaining Civil Rights 
King's Approach to Gaining Civil Rights 

Martin Luther King's approach to gaining civil rights for black America was very effective. His use of non- violent means accomplished the dream in which he envisioned.

King's dream that "little black boys" and "little white boys" will be able to go to school together. Today many blacks receive the same educational opportunities and occupational equality. King used a more advanced way of protest, the non-violence movement. This movement which used tactics such as civil disobedience and boycotting. Sit-ins, passing legislation and use of the press and media were also effective ways of protest. The Montgomery Bus boycott in 1955 was the first of many effective ways that Martin Luther King, Jr. protested the racism in the South. The March on Washington of 1963 was one of the most influential means of protest that America has ever seen. In an act of unwitting martyrdom, even King's death brought about passing of important legislation such as the Civil Rights Act of 1968 and the Fair Housing Act of 1969.

On the opposite side of the this issue was Malcolm X. Although their goals were the same, the means in which they tried to achieve them were quite different. Malcolm believed in "any means necessary" to stop racism. He proposed the destruction of the white middle class. These protests by Malcolm X did not achieve nearly the same results, as they would have if he supported non-violence.

Martin Luther King was ahead of his time. He was a true visionary; he saw how America could be a true melting pot. Today his dream is more of a reality than ever before. Still more needs to be done to achieve the goals which he envisioned.

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Nathan R.


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