Map: The Heartland

Heartland Quiz

Part 1: The Map

Map: The Heartland

Part Two: Fact-Based Questions

1) Which river did Lewis and Clark use to explore North and South Dakota in 1803-1804?

2) Name one of two former senators from Minnesota who lost to Republican presidential candidates.

3) Name the Iowa senator who helped pass the Americans with Disabilities Act?

4) At which battle in 1890 was Sioux chief Sitting Bull and hundreds of his tribesmen killed by Federal troops?

5) Which state was torn by a Civil War during the 1850's between slave and anti-slavery forces before admission to the Union?

6) In which state does the North and South Platte Rivers come together to form the Platte River?

7) Name the current House Minority Leader and tell what state he represents in the House.

8) Give another name for this group of states in respect to its features (specifically, the topography of the land).

9) From what state does Tom Daschle, Senate Minority leader come?

10) Give the name of the Senate Majority Leader and tell which state he represents.

11) What do Senators Bob Kerry (D-NE) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) have in common in respect to their political careers?

12) How was most of the land of this region obtained by the United States?

13) What nation first explored this region in the late 1500s?

14) Which state of this region has the only unicameral (one-house) legislature?

15) Which state in this region became the meat-packing center of the nation after Chicago lost that title in the mid-1900s?

Answers can be found here.

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