Map: The Heartland

Heartland Quiz

Part 1: The Map

Map: The Heartland

Part Two: Fact-Based Questions

1) Which river did Lewis and Clark use to explore North and South Dakota in 1803-1804?

Answer: The Missouri River

2) Name one of two former senators from Minnesota who lost to Republican presidential candidates.

Answer: Hubert Humphrey or Walter Mondale

3) Name the Iowa senator who helped pass the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Answer: Tom Harkin

4) At which battle in 1890 was Sioux chief Sitting Bull and hundreds of his tribesmen killed by Federal troops?

Answer: Wounded Knee

5) Which state was torn by a Civil War during the 1850's between slave and anti-slavery forces before admission to the Union?

Answer: Kansas

6) In which state does the North and South Platte Rivers come together to form the Platte River?

Answer: Nebraska

7) Name the current House Minority Leader and tell what state he represents in the House.

Answer: Richard Gephardt- MO

8) Give another name for this group of states in respect to its features (specifically, the topography of the land).

Answer: Great Plains

9) From what state does Tom Daschle, Former Senate Minority leader come?

Answer: South Dakota

10) Give the name of the Senate Majority Leader and tell which state he represents.

Answer: Robert Dole, Kansas

11) What do Senators Bob Kerry (D-NE) and Tom Harkin (D-IA) have in common in respect to their political careers?

Answer: Both lost the Democratic nomination in 1992 to Bill Clinton

12) How was most of the land of this region obtained by the United States?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson purchased the land from France with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

13) What nation first explored this region in the late 1500s?

Answer: France

14) Which state of this region has the only unicameral (one-house) legislature?

Answer: Nebraska

15) Which state in this region became the meat-packing center of the nation after Chicago lost that title in the mid-1900s?

Answer: Nebraska

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