Quiz: The New England Region

Part One: The Map

Here are the answers to the map for questions 1-10.

New England Answers

Part Two: The Facts

11) Name the river that acts as a border between Vermont and New Hampshire.

The Connecticut River

12) Name the capital of Rhode Island.


13) A: List the two democratic senators who represent the state of Massachusetts.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D) and John Kerry (D)

14) Name one important service industry that is based in Connecticut.


15) Which of the New England states was the first to enter the Union after the 13 original colonies ratified the US federal Constitution?


16) One of the New England states was admitted to the Union as a free state in 1820 to balance Missouri's admission as a slave state. Which was it?


17) Which former Rhode Island senator is known for the federal college financial aid program he developed?

Sen. Claiborne Pell

18) List a major environmental concern of states like Maine, whose economy is built on the timber and lumber industries.


19) Which state is often known as the Granite state and is the first in the country to hold primary elections?

New Hampshire

20) Name the peninsula that stretches out along the Massachusetts coastline?

Cape Cod

21) Which environmental problem faced by New England is caused by factories and cars that pollute the air and then has a negative effect on the water supply and marine life? Hint: Our neighbor Canada gets most of the results of this problem.

Acid rain

Easy Extra Credit 1) Name a US Representative of Rhode Island who comes from a famous Massachusetts family.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D)

Hard Extra Credit 2) Name the state that was an independent republic from 1777 until its admission into the Union in 1791.


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