Image: Upper South

Quiz: The Upper South

Part One: The Map
Identify the items on this map.

 10 Upper South Map Questions

Part Two: Fact based Questions

1) Name the dominant agricultural project of the region (it is one that is found in every state in the region).

2) Name the government corporation that brought electricity to Kentucky and Tennessee during the 1930s.

3) After actor Fred Thompson was elected as one of Tennessee's senators, which topic did his Governmental Operations committee investigate?

4) Coal mining has led to erosion in this region due to what practice? This practice is done to get at the raw materials under the soil.

5) Which West Virginia senator is loved by his state's voters because he "brings home the bacon," but is disliked by watchdog groups because his programs are seen as "pork?"

6) Which city in this region acted as the capital city for the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1861?

7) Name the North Carolina senator who is the chair of the Foreign Relations Committee.

8) Which state joined the Union during the Civil War as the 35th state in 1863?

9) Which state was first settled by Sir Walter Raleigh and was the home of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, which disappeared for unknown reasons.

10) Name the mountain range and national park that Tennessee and North Carolina share.

11) Which war ended at Yorktown in Virginia in 1781 with the surrender of General Cornwallis?

12) Sen John D. "Jay" Rockefeller represents which of this region's states in the US Senate?

13) The House of Burgesses was founded in 1619 as the representative body of which of these states?

14) Which region of Virginia is experiencing rapid growth as more people are employed in Washington, DC: Northern, Western, or Southern.

15) Which economic activity would Virginia Beach, Skyline Drive, and the forests of West Virginia have in common?

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