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An Essay on Life

By Katie

We are disturbed when we read about injustices in the newspaper or watch them on TV, horrified when we read about small children being beaten by their parents, devastated when we learn of the mutilation and murder of another. Sadly, we can not stop all of the horrible acts that man commits against the man. We can, however, stop the murders that are committed in our hospitals and clinics everyday. Abortion is a process in which the mother chooses to have her baby destroyed before it is born.

Abortion is murder. A woman should not have the right to kill her unborn child. Some women claim that they have the right because it is "their body". That is only half the truth. The women's body incubates the body of another human being, therefore; one body involved in the process of abortion is not theirs. " I don't want this baby" is not valid reason to commit murder. I truly do not think that it is fair because their are so many women in this world that want children but can't have them. So I think that the woman, even thought it is difficult, should have the baby, then give it up for adoption.

The baby can be aborted as early as the first month or as late as the ninth. In the first trimester (1-3 months) the operation is simple: destroy the fetus and suck it out of the uterus with a vaccum hose. It takes only 8 minutes to complete this process.

During the second trimester (4-6 months), the doctor injects a saline (salt) solution into the placenta. This solution dissolves the liquid in the placenta so that the fetus is suffocated before they suck it out.

The third trimester (7-9 months) is the most sad, the most heartbreaking of all operations. The doctor goes into the uterus, turns the fetus so that the mother can deliver all but the head of her baby. With the head still inside the mother, the baby is not officially born and therefore the doctor has the right to legally suck the brains out of the infant. This is done by inserting a metal suction tube into the back of the baby's head, pushing it up into the brain of the baby and turning on the suction. Babies at this stage of development weigh between 5 and 9 lbs. and have a fully developed skeletal system. Their skin is smooth and bluish-pink. They have fingernails and can feel pain. These babies have a 90% chance of living outside of the mother.

The opposing side feels that if a woman is raped, then she should have the right to choose to abort her baby. If this is so, then the victim becomes a victimizer. The baby is innocent, truly the epitome of innocence. We claim to desire to protect the weak and innocent and yet the weakest and the most innocent are commpletely without protection. Some women use abortion as the easy way out and as a form of birth control. This is barbaric. No human being should ever have the right to take the life of another human being.

The opposition also believes that if a fetus is determined to have Down's Syndrome or any other handicap (such as missing limbs), then the women should have the right to choose to terminate the pregnancy. They claim that if the mother is not equipped to handle a mentally or phisically handicapped child, then bringing this child into the world would only cause heartache. There is always the option of placing the child up for adoption. There are many families who would love to care for a mentally or physically handicaped child. It is also important to realize that we wouldn't kill an adult that had lost a limb or had brain damage due to an accident. So what right do we have to take the life of an unborn child simply because prenatal testing suggests that the child may be handicapped?

These innocent babies scream in pain when they are killed. They fight for life, and yet life is taken from them. Abortion is murder. We sentence murderers to life imprisonment or the death pentalty, yet we call women brave for having the srength to choose abortion. Human life is precious, to precious to destroy simply because we have the right to do it. No one has the moral right to take the life of an innocent human being. We can all take an active role in preventing abortions; don't use abortion as a method of birth control. Abstinence is the best prevention of pregnancy. If you become pregnant, remember the alternative to abortion----adoption. We have to stop the baby killing now!


Hello, my name is Trish H. I am a new student at North Hagerstown High School. I have attended school here for about 4 weeks and I already notice some serious problems that require immediate attention. I believe that any man, woman, and child should have equal rights. Many students, but not all, are racist and/or homophobic. I understand that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I wish to educate those who may not understand the differences and give them a chance to experience a way of life called EQUALITY.


By Malanie W.

Metalica 5
Garbage 5
Nirvana 4
Collective Soul 2
Green Day 2
L.L Cool J 7
Alanis Morrisette 9
Keith Sweat 5
Fugees 7
311 4
New Edition 3
Toni Braxton 9
Red Hot Chili Peppers 4
Beatles 4
Pearl Jam 4
Bush 3
Smashing Pumkins 6
Doors 3
Coolio 5
2 Pac 4
Mariah Carey 7
Snoop 3
Queen 4
Dr. Dre 4
Monica 9
Brandy 5
Greatful Dead 5
Pink Floyd 3
Offspring 3
Boys 2 Men 2
All 4 One 6


In the past few months that I have been at North Hagerstown High School, I have seen many people with many different clothing styles, different attitudes,and different things that they like and dislike. But there are also many different kinds of people at North High.

Some people who are called the "rich" or "preppy" kids are only called that because of the clothes that they wear. The rich or preppy kids make fun of those kids who their parents don't have enough money to buy them the "name brand" clothes that other kids have. People should not be treated wrong for what they represent on the outside, it's what is on the inside that counts.

People: girls and boys have the attitude that they own someone else such as their boyfriends or girlfriends. They think that there is not anyone else who can even smile, look, or glance at that one "special person".

Many other kids can have things that they like and dislike. It seems that if you do something that you like but nobody else likes you get picked on for that. So my advice is that you do what you want to do. But if nobody else likes what you do, don't worry about it. Do what you want to do and do what is right. BE AN INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!

"ALL EYES ON ME" By: Tiffany P.

Hi. My name is Tiffany Nicole P. I'm in the eleventh grade and today my main concern is the effect on Tupac Shakur has made in this world.

Although quite controversial, I believe Tupac has made a positive impact on those who listen to his music as well as the rest of the world.

His "thug-life" image was a mere facade because he was also capable of change, and unlike some other gangsta rappers, he prayed to God. He also didn't believe that he was God.

From "Brenda got a baby" to his final video,"I ain't mad at cha" Tupoc went through changes as any human being and he matured and although he was still "Trife," (crazy) Tupac changed for the better. His last song "I ain't mad at cha" really showed me that.

In my eyes Tupac will be greatly missed, and it's just a shame that his listeners will not be blessed to hear his words again.

" Live by the gun"
" Die by the gun"

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