The Ernest and Elisabeth Cassutto Memorial Pages: The Last Jew of Rotterdam

Front Cover: The Last Jew of Rotterdam Back Cover: The Last Jew of Rotterdam
This is the cover of the book written by Ernest H. Cassutto as told to Constance Faith Goddard in 1974. In his book,  Ernest Cassutto describes how he grew up in Indonesia, came to Holland with his family, and was captured by the Nazi occupiers of his country. It also discusses how his wife survived, how their faith brought them together, and how their lives unfolded after the World War II. 
This is the back cover. The book is no longer in print, but the publishers at Whitaker House in Monroeville, PA graciously allowed me to use the cover of the book in illustrating this web page. The figure of the Nazi officer is that of the commandant of the prison camp in Rotterdam where Ernest was held until his escape in 1945. After the war, Ernest visited the officer on his deathbed and forgave him for the evil he had committed.

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