The Fight Against Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are still happening in the United States and throughout the world. A prime example of a hate crime was heard which received national recognition was a court case involving an African American man who was dragged behind a car until decapitated. This week one of the three men was sentenced to death by lethal injection. The other two men are still waiting for their trials. People should not look at the other person's race or ethnic group, but they should look at the person as a human being. Children get onto the Internet and access various hate-related sites and may think that these groups are acceptable. The most disturbing thing is that most of these hate crimes are being done by the youth of America -- children just looking for a thrill! How is hurting or killing a person  thrilling? If they are looking for a thrill, try taking up a sport! Don't hurt people because of their race or ethnic groups; you do not get the privilege of choosing your skin color, ethnic group, or whether you are gay. There are so many hate groups. I think it is really wrong that you can access these groups by the Internet. Just the click of the mouse and you can apply to various hate organizations.

The Ku Klux Klan is one of the most popular hate groups. The Ku Klux Klan was organized in Pulaski, Tennessee, on December 24, 1865, by six Confederate soldiers. That is a long time for a hate group to be around! The group accepts members that are native-born white, males or females, 16 years of age or older. They want members so bad that they advertise the Ku Klux Klan organizations on the Internet encouraging application for membership. That means that there are kids looking at these pages and thinking that it is all right or that society accepts this trash! The organization claims it has many Christian actions and purposes behind their symbolism. They burn crosses. A fiery Cross is used as a Klan symbol, represents the ideals of Christian civilization. This symbolism clearly violates Christian beliefs and traditions. Christians believe in helping, accepting, and loving people for what they are not because they may be the wrong color or that their sexual preference is different. They also say that wearing their hood and robe was not in wrong doing. They once again say that the hood and robes were tied into the Christian religion because the hood was won as a symbol of a person doing good works.

There is another group called Neo Nazi Skinheads. This group of hate crime criminals are extremely violent. They are closely related to the Ku Klux Klan. Both the Skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan believe that they are following the Bible and are doing God's Work. The Skinheads' trade marks are their cherry red or black shoes with white or red laces. If they are wearing white laces, they are Nazi; but if they have red laces they are racists. The most common trade mark of the skin heads is that they have a shaved head. To get into the Skinheads you may have to kill a black person or you may be told to stab a gay man.

The reason why most people join is because they get a family and get protection from fellow Skinheads and Klansmen.

These organizations, both Skinheads and the Klan prey on people without a family, runaways, abused, homeless, etc. The person may lured by the promise of joining their large family, a place to stay, food on the table etc.

As you can see the hate crime groups have twisted ideas may brain wash many and are not accepted by many. The irony of the Skinheads is that they all believe that they are following God's will!



Racism is ridiculing others that are different than yourself

Acting out against the human race.

Casting people in categories by color.

Ignorance by not getting to know the person beneath the outer layer.

Skin color is not the person just the shell.

bluem.gif (1880 bytes)y life will not be ruled by racism. I will see all people as equal by looking beyond what the eye can see.

By: Kaylynn S.


What's Happened to the Dream???

Martin Luther King once had a dream. A dream that was not only to help the black communities, but to keep the peace between blacks and whites. His dream has carried peace till this day, and hopefully throughout everyone's lives. Some people in this country refuse to keep his dream alive.

A few months ago an innocent happened when black man struggled for his life while white men drug him from the back of there truck until his was brutally dead. These white men had no hard feelings about what they did. For our society to see a brutal murder this violent is absurd! Were as people in America need to look at this tragedy and ask ourselves WHY???

Every single person put on this earth to be special in their own way. We need to take a good look at society around us and do something to STOP the hate. People that judge by the color of skin have no right to. Just think about it we were all put on this earth together in peace not by the difference of color or race.

If society does want to make a difference then we ourselves have to make the difference. Instead of looking at a person by their skin color or by their race look at that person as someone special just like you. By doing this simple task our world would be almost 90% better than it is now!!

                                Danielle M.

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