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Check out these Facts on Violence Prevention

Million Mom March LogoCheck out a PowerPoint Presentation by Mr. Cassutto: 
The Million Mom March

Here is a message from Mr. Cassutto, former teacher at North Hagerstown High School

Stop the Violence Links

Discovery Channel: No Easy Answers on Hate & Violence (Lesson Plans)
The Million Mom March Foundation

Teen violence statistics
Teen violence in America
Prevention of violence
Organizations Responding to Hate Violence
Artists Against Racism
Hatewatch: A Flagship anti-racism web site
Race Against Racism
Worldcom: A Multicultural network for Teachers
The Anti-Defamation League
Mothers Against Teen-Violence
Violence Among Youth & Violence in Schools
Violence in School
Peace Talks
Teen Violence
Stop the Hate
Teen Survey
Teens Battering Teens
Teen's Center
Ten Ways to Fight Hate

Tragedy in Colorado: The Unanswerd Questions
Comments by Principal David Reeder
A Letter From the NHHS Counselors
A letter from a teacher on the Colorado tragedy
A Prayer from the Bible Club of Our School
A link to the inside story of Columbine High
A student essay on the fear of education

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