A Prayer for The People of Littleton, Colorado and for Ourselves

Dear Lord,

You are the giver of life
but we are imperfect, and sometimes,
we lose our way.
Help us find our way to You, O Lord.

Lord, we trust you as things so wrong to us happen.
We pray as a Whole to you 
and we lift this situation up to You.
You are in control.

Lord we thank you for being with us
in this time of tribulation as in everything else.
Please continue to be with your children
as we deal with hate all over the world.

Help us to become more like You
and deal with our problems by seeking you first.
Be with the teachers, parents, and students of our nation as we grieve over our loss.

Master Healer, please comfort the parents of the two boys who killed other students and then killed themselves.  Please send Christians to show them how much You love them and to assure them of the hope You offer.

Heavenly Father, we just pray lifting up all the people that are involved in this situation. We pray that you will comfort them and remind them that You are with them through everything.

Gracious Father, we just pray that you be with all the students, parents, and the community of all the students at Columbine High School. Let them feel your presence and have them know that you are with them always. 

We ask that you keep us safe
and that You would help us
be a lighthouse for You.

Please be with the people of Littleton during this tragedy.

Let them find hope.

Help these people to see Your will
and how they can minister to others.
It's a shame that You had to get the world's attention through such a tragedy.

Lord, please bless the ones
who put their lives on the line to save others.
In that way, they are like the Christ,
who made the consummate sacrifice.


Our prayers are with you. Strength comes from the Lord.


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