A Letter From the Counseling Staff of North Hagerstown High School
Hagerstown, MD

Dear Parents, Students, and the North High Community,

With the recent occurrence of school violence in Colorado, the Counseling Center of North Hagerstown High School wanted to take a moment and reassure everyone. Unfortunately, experts cannot positively inform us how to guarantee the prevention of such acts. All of us need to work together for the prevention of violence. Our society is much more accepting of settling disputes violently, but it is the position of the Counseling Center and the school, that there is no problem to great that cannot be solved in a non-violent manner. We are encouraging students, parents, and the community to become involved in this issue. Parents take time each day to get to know your student, and their friends. Listen to some of the words of the music that your student listens to. If you do not understand, ask your student. Take time to meet with your student's teachers, and find out what is going on in school. Contact the Counseling Center with any concern that you may have regarding your student or any North High student.

Students, talk with someone! Your parents are there to support you and help you. Believe it or not, they too were once teenagers. Listen to your friends and acquaintances. Do not just blow off what they are saying as attention seeking. Be aware that many things that are said as a joke are truly serious in nature. DO NOT KEEP SOMEONE'S SECRET!!! Talk to someone about the situation, your friend's life, and the lives of others just may depend on you being a friend. The counselors in the Counseling Center will take the time to listen to you and whomever else. The administrators and teachers at North would also be willing to listen. Try your parents, they can be the best listeners of all.

Call us at 301-766-8243

Just in case here is...

A Local Listing of Mental Health Resources

Take care,

NHHS Counseling Staff

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