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My name is Danielle. I was born and raised most of my life in Pennsylvania. My mom and dad both contributed to raising me even though they were not really together. I have lived in various places throughout my life, such as Atlantic City parts of New Jersey, many parts of Pennsylvania, and last but not least here in Maryland.

 I have very many interests in my life. At North High school, the academic subjects that mostly interest me are English and Mathematics skills. I chose these two subjects because I know they will help me in the long run. For the past nine years I have been dancing (ballet, jazz, and many others). I think my dancing has reflected on a lot of my life style. I have been in a co-professional ballet company for the past three years, and hope to continue my routine. Many of all my interests also reflect a lot on my future. I hope to pursue a well paying career that I enjoy to do, but my mind just has not discovered what it might be.

Danielle's bussiness card and link to dolphin research!


Computer Applications was an interesting class to take because in the future I believe that most of our world will be based on computers. The thing I like most about computers is getting online. I think it is absolutely amazing how you can talk to a person from across the world with just one little "click".

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