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This page is dedicated to any and all computer and technology teachers who wish to find ideas that can be used in their own classrooms. Some of these plans might be appropriate for use in other content area classes. These online plans follow a standard lesson plan outline, but a teacher may want to choose from one or more sections of the lessons themselves. Be sure when utilizing computer based lessons to have your students save often, in the advent of a computer malfunction no amount of RAID data recovery can get back a file that was never saved.

One lesson plan may contain a number of activities, and one plan may be implemented over a number of days, almost as though it were a "unit plan." When possible, quizzes and answer may be posted for your use as well.

 It is my sincere hope that you might be able to use some of these ideas. If you wish to collaborate with me and my classes on any one project, just send me an e-mail message, and we'll see if our students might be able to join forces. Such collaborative projects might take the following formats:

  • Essay exchange on an agreed-upon topic.
  • Real-time chat session on issues of the lesson.
  • Web page development and critique.
  • Viewing a common video and exchanging reviews or ideas.
  • Digitized photo and essay exchange.

Below is an index of lessons as they are posted to the site with the most recent first. The file names are by date, but if you want to save the entire lesson, you can rename the file when saving it to your own computer by going to the "file" menu, then "save as." at the top of your browser. You can also use the "copy" and "paste" commands to select sections of text to insert into your own word processor as you develop your plans. It's OK -- you have my permission to copy! If you find something you can use, just say "thanks" by letting others know about our web site! And be sure to let me know how things go!

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The Lessons:

Lesson 1: The Computer In Society
Lesson 2: Computer Vocabulary Lesson 3: Learning DOS and Windows 95
Lesson 4: Hands On DOS and Windows 95 Exercises
Lesson 5: Introducing the 1999-2000 Web Site Projects
Lesson 6: DOS and Windows Basics Quiz.
Answers to the quiz can be found here.
Lesson 7: Using the World Wide Web. Based on Chapter 3 of Internet Pocket Guide For Teachers by George Cassutto. Use the Using the WWW Worksheet.

Lesson 8:  Warm-Up: Netscape menu Items Matching

Netscape Exercises
Answers to the worksheet are available.
Lesson 9: Web Page Basics and More on Web Page Basics including a matching exercise on Netscape fundamentals with answers. Also covered: File Types, Domain Names and Developing a Header Graphic
Lesson 10:HTML Tags and Web Design
Students learning the basics of HTML within this lesson. To follow the lesson students receive, visit the tutorial on "Setting Up A School Web Site." Students used the page on HTML as the basis for their skills acquisition. We assigned NHHS web departments as we developed the website.

Lesson 7: Developing HTML Skills.
Lesson 8: Learning How to Create Web Graphics With Paint Shop Pro
        Here is a
tutorial for Paint Shop Pro 5 and 6.
Lesson 9: The Basics of Using Windows.
Lesson 10: Improving Web Page Design Elements
Lesson 11: A Frames Worksheet
Lesson 12: What It Means To Be A Professional Webmaster
Lesson 13: Refining Skills in using search engines
Lesson 14: Computers Today
Lesson 15: An HTML Refresher

Visit the Internet and Web Design Course Development Page to view the curriculum developed by George Cassutto and Marc Lipella as well as lesson plans and exercises pertaining to Internet and Web Design.

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