The Inauguration of the First Black president

   MLK III: The First Black President of the US  
  The Inaugural Address of the President, January 20, 2021

My Fellow Americans: we have made history today by having elected our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT and overcoming the racism which did exist in the past. In spite of the fact that I am black, I will be sure to have everyone be treated as one nation! If my father was alive he would say how happy he is to have helped the racism to be recognized and changed.  

This inauguration marks the beginning. Me as president can sense a new spirit, but only you as people can provide a  new spirit.  

You have set in front of me a great responsibility--- Lets us together keep the peace we have and continue to eliminate any racism that we have not yet over come in our thoughts.  

My weaknesses are your strengths and my mistakes are your wisdom.  

We think only good of ourselves and believe that ourselves and believe that our world is at an all-time high with peace. Lets not let our confidence turn into conceit!  

We must fully commit ourselves as a democratic nation to human rights, we must be fair with our laws, and no one should be treated differently. The weak should not be prosecuted by the powerful, and our human dignity should be enhanced.  
We must be true to ourselves.  
 On this day of new beginning everyone shall notice that we have shaped a  peaceful and truly humane world. We are now a strong nation we have fought our battles with poverty, ignorance and justice.  

We can never be different to fate of freedom elsewhere because we are free.  
In the past the people of this nation were growing not to trust one another, but slowly we are learning to re build that trust!   

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At the end of my presidential term, together I would like to have accomplished the following things:  
 --That we have renewed our search for mercy and justice  
 --That we have torn and kept down the barriers that separate those of different race and religion  

I hope that the nations of the world say the we have built a lasting peace, built not on war but with our precious values.  
There is much to do and work begins tomorrow. I will not mistrust  the future, I will not fear what is ahead because we live in peace. For our problems are small and our hearts are large. If our flaws are endless God's love will be boundless.  

Some look at leadership as high drama with the sounds of trumpets calling. It may be that. But I Martin Luther King Jr. III, I see history! A book with many pages. Each day a page is filled with hopefulness and meaning. Another breeze blows, another page turns and another story unfolds and today another chapter begins a small story of unity and generosity, written and shared together.  

Thank you and god bless you and the United States!  



Martin Luther King III 

Martin Luther King Jr. III 
President of the United States 
January 20, 2021


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Editor's Note: This web page was first assembled in 1998, ten years before the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois. Sen. Obama is not the first African-American to run for the office of president, but his candidacy holds out hope for the millions of Americans that race is no longer a factor when choosing someone for the highest office. While he may not win the nomination or the general election for a variety of reasons, it is our sincere hope that racial prejudice will no longer be a determining influence in the electorate's consideration of who is most qualified for the nation's highest office.

George Cassutto
December 25, 2007.

A full epilogue was added to this page on November 16, 2008

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