Harriet Tubman: Test A


1. Who was the woman conductor of the underground railroad ?

2. Harriet was born in the year of_____?

3. What year did Harriet Tubman help 3 of her brothers and sisters
escape from slavery?

4. Around what year did she married John Tubman?

5. When Harriet Tubman married, did she become a free Negro
or did she remain a slave?

6. Was John Tubman a free Negro or a slave?

7. What did Harriet depend on during her journey?

8. Where was her destination?

9. What was Harriet Tubman nickname?

10. What was her song she sang during her journey?



A. Remain a slave

B. Harriet Tubman

C. 1844

D. Philadelphia

E. Moses

F. 1820

G. 1857

H. The North Star

I. Free Negro

J. "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"

Answers to this quiz are given here!


Fredrick Douglas: Test B


1. Where was Fredrick Douglas born?

2. Around what year was he born?

3. Through Fredrick Douglas's childhood and early teens, who had raised him?

4. Was Fredrick Douglas close to his parents?

5. What was his master's name?

6. How old was Fredrick Douglas when he went to Baltimore?

7. How many years did he work on the plantation of Maryland?

8. For what reasons did he escape Baltimore to go to Philadelphia?

9. What was his wife's name?

10. During 1844-1845, he wrote a book called __________?



A. 1817

B. Ten

C. Anna Murray

D. Captain Aaron Anthony

E. To get married

F. Eastern shore of Maryland

G. His grandmother

H. Two

I. No

J. "Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas"

Answers to this quiz are given here!

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