Kobe BryantKobe Bryant is 6ft. 7in., 200 pound basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is a very young twenty one year old. His accomplishments and persistence help pave his way to the NBA at early age. Kobe Bryant was born August 23rd. in 1978 in Philadelphia, P.A. The third child to Pam and Joe Bryant. His father Joe was a former NBA basketball player as well. Kobe grew up in Italy because his father was interacting in his career. When Kobe was a young boy he loved basketball, Kobe returned to the United States in 1991. Kobe influences young athletes to keep dreaming and to stay in school because as he says "school is the number one key success". Kobe maintains his time with the young blacks by sponsoring programs and giving back to the public. Kobe always is helping out young blacks and is a major important athlete and a great role model for his culture.

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah

Queen Latifah has done a lot for young African-Americans by speaking the truth. in a way, Queen Latifah has paved a way for young black people by letting them know anything is possible. She was born in Newark, NJ, and in 1989, she released her first rap LP. A few years later, she starred in a popular sitcom called "Living Single." She also appeared in many other movies, but her breakthrough was in the drama called "Set It Off."

Queen Latifah is really known for her positive rap music, which the youth of America, both black and white, have come to accept as their own. When Queen Latifah released a song called "Unity," which discussed young women in abusive relations, she stressed how important it is to get out of such abusive relationships. She stressed the fact that respect is a very important matter in all relationships.

Queen Latifah is still doing her thing with her new talk show "the Queen Latifah show." It involves many situations with youth. This powerful sister continues to stand for positive black images and she calls for young people to live up to their responsibility as young Americans.

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