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Colin PowellColin Powell is a very important African American who is not often mentioned . Colin has accomplished a lot during his lifetime. Colin is a very important and is known for being the highest ranking military officer in the United States. Colin has done a lot of things in his lifetime and what he has done has not often be mentioned.

Colin was born in Harlem New York on April 15, 1937.  His parents had emigrated from Jamaica but he grew up in New York.  He grew up in a very strong and close family .  He attended Morris High School after graduating in 1954 he attended the City College of New York. At the City College of New York he got his first look at military life he became the cadet in the Reserve Officers Training Corps.  He also attended George Washington in Washington D. C. there he received a masters degree in business.

Colin is a very educated and intelligent person he done many things such as being assigned as a battalion commander in Korea in 1973.  In 1975 he also was a colonel, at the National War College.  In July of 1983 when he was a deputy commander at  Fort Leavenworth Kansas he was summoned back to Washington, D. C. to the Defense Secretary Weinberger.

Colin accomplishments are a very important aspect to African Americans because it gives one that courage and determination to strive for higher goals just as Colin Powell did.

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