Rosa Parks and the NAACP
NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It was established in 1909 to secure
blacks their political and social rights. It basically helped  the march to freedom for Black Americans. Rosa helped this.

Equality Don't Come Easy

The NAACP secretary was very ordinary,
she was one of the only women there.
For Mr. Nixon she wrote many articles and worked very hard
She wrote many letters and went to meeting after meeting.
A Scottsboro boy named Andy Wright
was helped by the NAACP to get his parole right.
Keeping case records was her main job
even though it was non-paying, she enjoyed it.
Rosa enjoyed being the advisor
of the NAACP Youth Council.
Her involvement in this organization was very helpful
and she is still commended for it.


Although the NAACP headquarters was in New York
Rosa still found a way to encourage their work.

When she joined because there was only one other female in the group
Mrs. Parks soon became a great leader of this troop.

President Nixon decided to help
so he came whenever they gave a yelp.

In honor of Abe Lincoln, it was established on his birth
and formed to protest against discrimination on Earth.

These members who fought for equal education to racists
had risked reprisal for being activists.
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