Pictures and Poems about Rosa Parks

Most of us know of Rosa Parks 
how her strength was never mild; 
but does anyone recognize 
what she felt as a child? 

She had a brother named Sylvester 
who was about two years younger. 
Rosa went to Mount Zion A.M.E. Church 
where people suspect she got stronger. 

At age six, Rosa started school; 
only five months was the duration. 
To have grades one through six 
was definitely a limitation. 

White children took a bus to school, 
the black students had to walk. 
As the bus passed, the children threw trash 
and Rosa knew she'd like to give them a talk. 

The Ku Klux Klan existed early, 
during the time Rosa was a youth. 
Her world revolved around Pine Level, 
and that's no lie, just the truth. 
This is how her school life went and how she lived.  

Rosa's House


She had a younger brother
not any other.
Protection for him was key;
his name was Sylvester.
Schools for blacks and whites
differed in many ways.
Starting school at six years old,
lasting only five months was very cold.
She liked going to school
and probably followed the rules.
Blacks had to walk,
when the bus rode by, whites could gawk.
She liked school, even though she
despised the mistreatment
and segregation.
Poetry inspired by Rosa Parks and  
the Montgomery Bus Boycott
Original Pictures and Poems about Rosa Parks
Poetry inspired by Rosa Parks and the NAACP


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