Poetry Inspired by Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott
December 1, 1955 as I sat there on the bus , 
not meaning to cause a fuss. 
The bus got too full, 
I was thinking this is bull. 
I am not giving in for any white men; 
I will sit in my seat without defeat. 
The law said no white men could sit beside or across from a black, 
I strongly disagreed with that. 
When the driver yelled "get up!," I stayed down. 
He then had me arrested and taken downtown. 
From that day forth, I decided to help 
in the march to freedom from buses with separation. 
On November 13, 1956 the buses were declared free 
of segregation, 
only one small part of the movement for my rights! 
Rosa Parks Sitting Down For Her Rights

On the evening of the first of December
Rosa Parks went through something to remember.
She got on a bus after a hard day's work
only to be harassed by a racist jerk.
Along came a white man who wanted her seat
but why should she give it up, she was just as beat?
The driver soon ordered her to stand up without a fight
then Rosa refused and stayed put with all heer might.
Rosa was later arrested at the bus' next stop
again to be discriminated against, this time by a cop.
During these struggles a bus boycott was formed
to gain the rights of all who had mourned.
Who knew her story would long be told
as an example for our country's mold.
Now all those who may or may not be prejudice
can see how Rosa Parks took a ride for justice.
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