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Articles by George Cassutto:

News article from November 28, 2010: Obama at the Crossroads
December 2, 2010: WikiLeaks: Freedom of the Press or National Security Threat?

December 5, 2010: What's with the Republicans?
December 27, 2010: How Facebook Has Changed Relationships
December 28, 2010: The Vilification of Barack Obama
December 30, 2010: Why Should We Pay Attention in Civics
January 9, 2011: The Impact of the Arizona Shooting
January 23, 2011: Obama and the State of DisUnion
January 26, 2011: The State of the Union Address: Why Does It Matter?
January 28, 2011: Revolution in the Muslim World: Can Democracy Survive?
February 1, 2011: The Domino Effect in the Middle East: 
Which Nation Will Fall to Democracy Next?

February 6, 2011: Around the Nation's Capital:
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum
February 19, 2011: Workers Wage war of Words in Wisconsin
Defending Divorced Dads: Nine Years and Counting
American Idiot on Broadway: Not for the Young or the Squeamish
March 20, 2011: The Double-Edged Sword of Democracy
May 19, 2011: The Pakistan Paradigm: Frenemies Forever?
May 20, 2011: Journey to the White House
May 22, 2011: The Obama Objective: Middle East Peace
May 27, 2011: Should I Run For Congress?
June 7, 2011: The Tragedy of Anthony Weiner
June 7, 2011: Teaching and Learning in a Living Classroom (At the White House)
June 11, 2011: On the Spiritual Lives of Children
June 17, 2011: Invoking the War Powers Act
June 19, 2011: Reflections on Father's Day: Not Just a Hallmark Holiday
June 23, 2011:Obama’s Afghanistan Solution: Commander or Coward-in-chief?
 June 26, 2011: Why I Teach by George Cassutto
June 29, 2011: Michele Bachmann: The Tea Party's Rising Star
July 31, 2011: The Debt Ceiling Debate - Winners and Losers
August 4, 2011: Time for a Second New Deal to Raise Taxes and Create Jobs
August 5, 2011: The Arab Spring is Now the Long Hot Arab Summer
August 8, 2011: The Internet Has Changed Politics in the 21st Century Forever
October 28, 2011: To Be Given on the West Lawn of the Capitol
December 26, 2011:Will the Constitution Be Shredded in 2012?
December 28, 2011: Is Iran Next?
December 31, 2011: The Impact of 2011
January 9, 2012: What It Takes to be a Barack Obama Supporter
January 15, 2012: Republicans at the Crossroads: The South Carolina Primary
January 16, 2012: I Have a Dream: What You Don't Get to Hear
January 22, 2012: Morality and Politics: Separate and Unequal
June 14, 2012: Second Guessing Obama's Critics
July 18, 2012: Why Obama Will Win
August 13, 2012: The Impact of Paul Ryan
August 28, 2012: The Republican Convention as Prologue
September 3, 2012: Selling Obama's Record
October 18, 2012: Eulogy for My Twin Brother, Benjamin H. Cassutto
November 11, 2012: Why Obama Won Again
December 1, 2012: Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff
December 26, 2012: Les Miserables The Movie: Purists Beware
January 6, 2013: Obama 2.0: Where to Now?
February 21, 2015: The State of Politics Today


Overworked? New to teaching Civics or Government? 
You can get the government lesson plans found on this website
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  Middle School Civics and Economics


Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers CoverGenium Publishers published my book Pocket Guide to the Internet for Teachers in April, 1999. You can read an on-line version at

If you want to read the book on-line, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free.

I have posted the following sections of the first manuscript on-line Using the World Wide Web

Please let me know what you think!

You can order Internet Pocket Guide for Teachers from

My (1997) summer reading has consisted of Edward Linenthal's book Preserving Memory: The Struggle To Create America's Holocaust Museum.

I hope you'll take a look at my review of this fascinating work. If you have ever visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the book may be of interest to you.

Additionally, I have posted a lesson plan entitled "The History of the Holocaust From A Personal Perspective." The lesson contains a series of activities for the secondary Holocaust Educator. I hope you'll review and criticize the lesson via e-mail.

You can also see it on the Microsoft Encarta lesson Plan site as well!

An article entitled Social Studies and the World Wide Web has also been posted here. It was delivered at the Connected Classroom Conference as a presentation on using the Internet in Social Studies instruction. Your feedback is welcome!

Cooperative learning is not just for kids. In 1995, I helped Nicole Ellefson of the University of Michigan develop a web page for the LETSnet Project. Click on the link with my name at left once the page has loaded.

A recent trip to Washington, DC with my Dutch cousin David yielded this web site: The Monuments of Washington, DC- A Virtual Field Trip

 Thanks to the National Park Service for their information, and to Lee A. and Rob M. for working so hard on the project. I hope you'll take a look!

Please read and respond:

Posted August 31, 1997: On The Death of Princess Diana: A Family E-mail Exchange
Posted March 30, 1997: An Essay On Dealing With Tragedy and the Internet: The Heaven's Gate Cult
An essay on the destruction of TWA Flight 800 July 17, 1996
Thoughts on the Oklahoma City Bombing April, 1995

A curriculum vitae for George Cassutto has been made available.

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