Reading Notes on the American Revolution: Page 1
Based on the reading pp. 118-126 of Land of Liberty

What does Britain Say?

3 Aims of British Policy

1) Keep relations with French and Indians peaceful.

2) Raise taxes to pay for war debt.

3) Assert its authority over the Colonies.

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1) Who was Pontiac?

An Ottawa Chief.

What was his goal?

2) To drive the settlers back over the mountains.

3)  Where did he attack?

In the Straits of Mackinac and the Niagara River.

Pontiac's Stand
Pontiac's Stand

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Grenville's Tax Program
Images of the American Revolution
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Explain each illustration

1) The Sugar Act of 1764 taxes sugar, molasses.

2) Triangular trade brought slaves to America for molasses and rum.

3) Colonists complained about unfair taxation since they lacked representation in Parliament.

4) The Quartering Act caused resentment among the colonists.

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