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The Stamp Act

What did the Stamp Act tax?

Legal documents, newspapers, pamphlets, beer, playing cards.

Why did the colonists protest?

It was the first direct tax on the colonists, which they felt was placed on them without their consent.


They declared:

Colonies cannot be taxed without their consent.

What action did it take?

Boycott all British goods.

What did the Declaratory Act say?

It stated that Britain had the right to tax and rule the colonies.

The Stamp Act Congress
Stamp Act Congress
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More Colonial Defiance
Charles Townshend, Prime Minister
Charles Townshend, Prime Minister
The Townshend Acts

1) Suspend the New York Assembly.

2) Placed a new tax on lead, paint, paper,  and tea.

3) The New York Assembly could be reinstated if colonies complied with laws.



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