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1. This event caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany a. Douglas MacArthur
2. After Adolph Hitler attacked his country in June of 1941, this leader became one of the “Big Three” Allied leaders. b. Harry Truman
3. This event was the largest Allied attack during World War 2 and the greatest naval attack in history. It marked the beginning of the end for German occupation of France and Europe. c. The Battle of Midway
4. He made the decision to use the atomic bomb against the Japanese. It led to the death of over 600,000 Japanese civilians. d. Stalingrad
5. After the fall of France in June of 1940, only his nation was left against the victorious Germans. He said during the Battle of Britain: “this is Britain’s finest hour.” e. Joseph Stalin
6. During the years of the Nazi regime in Germany and occupation of Europe, the secret police of the Nazi party made arrests and send thousands to concentration camps. Name this secret police. f. Afrika Korps
7. This event caused America to declare war on Japan. Many historians believe that FDR caused it to get into the war against Germany. g. Pearl Harbor
8. He led all the Allied troops in Europe during World War II. His leadership qualities would later make him president. h. Dwight D. Eisenhower
9. He commanded all Allied forces in the Pacific. He was forced from the Philippine Islands in 1941, but promising “1 shall return,” he said “I have returned” in 1944. i. Gestapo
10. Erwin Rommel led this group of German desert fighters to victory in 1941 and 1942. He later came to oppose Hitler when he saw Germany was losing the war. j. The Invasion of Poland
11. This battle was the turning point of the war in the Pacific. Japan lost 4 aircraft carriers while the US lost the Yorktown. k. Winston Churchill
12. This battle saw the turning point of the war for Soviet forces against the invading Germans. Hitler sacrificed 250,000 of his men in the year-long battle for this Soviet city. l. D-Day
13.It was in this Polish capital city where Jews from all over Europe died as they rose up in rebellion against their Nazi captors. m. Warsaw

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