The U.S. and the Approach of World War II 


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The Views of FDR: 

  • Before 1937, FDR was a firm isolationist. 
  • After 1937, he became aware of the threat to U.S. security due to the Panay incident: An American warship was bombed while on the Yangtze R. in China. Secretary of State Cordell Hull demanded an apology from the Japanese and got it. 

America Moves Toward War: 

  • FDR calls for peace in a special session of Congress, but also asks for increased defenses. Congress sets aside $1 Billion. 
  • FDR tried to get the dictators to stop the aggressions with personal messages. Hitler joked about the message in the German Reichstag. 
  • FDR also used the MONROE DOCTRINE and ROOSEVELT COROLLARY to protect the Western Hemisphere. The Neutrality Acts were repealed in 1939 to set ups "Zone of Defense" around the America.

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