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1998-99 NHHS Bible Club

We meet on Monday and Friday mornings from 8:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. before school in Mr. Cassutto's room. Mr. Cassutto's the Bible Club adviser. He lets us use his room for meetings, keeps our discussion and activities centered on God, and serves as our liaison to the rest of the school.

On Monday mornings our meetings are reserved for prayer and taking prayer requests from the members of the Bible Club. On Friday mornings a Bible Club member or members presents a lesson to give the other members something to think about and to encourage discussion of how the information presented applies to students live. each week we select two or three teachers to pray for, and we let them know that we have been praying for them by sending them a card or note at the end of the week.

Each year we observe See You at the Pole in September and the National Day of  Prayer in May by gathering around North High's Flag pole during the morning to pray and celebrate God's love.  Bible Club is simply Christian organization of students. It is not affiliated with any particular denomination. All students of all faiths are welcome to attend. The Bible Club has no formal elected or appointed leaders. All members are welcome to contribute to contribute, and all North High students maybe  members. Usually one or two leaders evolve from the group and handle the duties of an elected / appointed leaders are Nick Z. and Eric Z., who's testimonies along with other members you can find on our  Testimony Page. You can also see Bible Club alumni testimonies.

 The purpose of the Bible Club is to provide an appointed for North High students to learn more about the Bible and the Christian life, to encourage each other as they grow in their relation ship with Jesus Christ , to allow more- Christians to explore the Christian faith, and to spread God's love to every person at North High.

George Cassutto,  Advisor


Praying hands for those who died

Please join us in prayer for Littleton, Colorado

The North High Bible Club in prayer

To Sermon of the Moment
Click on the button to read today's Sermon of the Moment. These topics are the areas of concern that are discussed within the Bible Club's meetings on Mondays and Fridays. Today's sermon is one developed by Mr. Cassutto for his church, delivered on August 30, 1998.

The previous sermons were written by graduated senior Trudy Showalter. We'll miss her and the way she shared the Spirit of the Lord with us.Memory VerseCheck back with us next week to see the new memory verse.

More to follow in the coming weeks. Come back soon! PTL!!!

Feel free to send us e-mail at nhhs@cyberlearning-world.com. We have also added some links at the bottom of the page relating to Jesus Christ and Christian resources on the Internet. We hope you might use them as a stepping stone to spiritual growth through the Internet towards Our Lord.

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Prayer Requests

                         Please send all prayer request to Mr.Cassutto and he will relay them to us as soon as possible.

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