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Internet Assistance

The Internet contains a wide variety of resources for Social Studies teachers. The following lists are small samples, but they can act as starting points for further exploration. If you have a question or encounter a useful resource, please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to hearing from you on-line! Locate resources by web site title or by web site address. Have fun!
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Introducing Snap Shots from

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.


Internet Resources for Social Studies Educators by Web Page Titles

Search Utilities
  1. AltaVista Search: Main Page 
  2. Infoseek 
  3. Needle in a CyberStack - the InfoFinder 
  5. WebCrawler Searching 
  6. Welcome to WhoWhere? (People Look-Up)
  7. Yahoo 
  8. Google
Social Studies
  1. A Reasonably Complete List of Social Studies Bookmarks.
  2. AFRO-Americ@: The Black History Museum 
  3. Ancient History Sourcebook
  4. Ancient World Web
  5. Auschwitz: Index 
  6. Atlapedia® Online
  7. American History in Hypertext
  8. An Abridged History of the United States 
  9. Abraham Lincoln Online 
  10. American History Bookmarks (Montgomery Co. Schools, MD)
  11. A Collaborative Study in American History 
  12. Center for Civic Education
  13. Character Above All: An Exploration of Presidential Leadership 
  14. Character Above All: Presidential Links
  15. The Christian Science Monitor Presents: A THOUSAND YEARS
  16. Center for Civic Education
  17. Civics Online
  18. Cold War -US History
  19. DC City Pages: History of the National Mall 
  20. Dead Presidents 
  21. Discovery Channel School
  22. Dr. King Timeline (Elementary School site)
  23. Election Information and Statistics 
  24. Ellis Island 
  25. Every Day Civics (Virginia SOLs)
  26. Expedia Maps from Microsoft
  27. FDR Memorial Index
  28. Free Speech On-Line
  29. G.H.S.'s Homework Help History 
  30. Harvard University: Political Links
  31. H-High-S Home Page (High School Social Studies Discussions)
  32. Historic Atlas Resource - North America 
  33. History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
  35. The Holland Site 
  36. Holocaust Pictures Exhibition 
  37. Holocaust Resources 
  38. Houses of Parliament Home Page 
  39. Hyperhistory On-line
  40. Imagine: A Student's Forum for Studying the Holocaust 
  41. The Inaugural Classroom 
  42. Index of Resources for Historians: U. of Kansas
  43. The Interactive Atlas of Western Maryland
  44. IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States 
  45. Internet Resources for Political Science, Public Administration 
  46. Jerusalem On-Line 
  47. Lesson Plan of the Day (Cassutto)
  48. Links To Learning History 
  49. Links To Learning Government 
  50. From McRel: History Internet Links 
  51. MapQuest
  52. Maryland's Electronic Capital
  53. Maryland State Archives
  54. Mayaquest Classroom '98
  55. Medieval Sourcebook
  56. Modern History Sourcebook
  57. The Monuments of Washington, DC: (A Virtual Field Trip, Cassutto)
  58. Mr. Teller's Civics Web
  59. National Archives Online Exhibit Hall 
  60. NCSS Online Main Menu 
  61. NetNoir. The Soul of Cyberspace. 
  62. Oyez, Oyez: A US Supreme Court Database
  63. From PBS: The Federalist Papers: Liberty and Limits 
  64. Pennsylvania Geography 
  65. PresidentS Resource 
  66. A Rubric for Evaluating Social Studies World Wide Web
  67. Scrolls From The Dead Sea
  68. Six Paths to China
  69. Selected Historic Decisions of the Supreme Court 
  70. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  71. Smithsonian Natural History Web Home Page 
  72. Social Studies and the World Wide Web 
  73. Social Studies Center 
  74. Social Studies Service
  75. State of the Union (PBS Show on US Culture)
  76. State Department For Kids
  77. Thomas: US Congress Information
  78. Encarta Lesson Plan: Teaching the Holocaust From A Personal Perspective
  79. (Cassutto)
  80. History on the WWW: Tele-Teaching and Tele-Learning 
  81. Truman Presidential Library
  82. USA PAGE 
  83. U.S. Civil War Center
  84. US Election Results/1988-1992 
  85. U.S. Federal Government Agencies 
  86. UN Home Page
  87. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  88. United States House of Representatives - 105th Congress 
  89. United State Senate 
  90. The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities In The Civil War
  91. The Virtual Anne Frank House 
  92. Welcome to Virtual Jerusalem
  93. The White House
  94. Women's Suffrage 
  95. World Cultures (Excellent Learning Modules)
  96. World History Standards 
  97. Xerox PARC Map Viewer world 39.75N 102.61W (4.0X)
  98. On The Road Again: A Geopolitical Survey of the United States 


News/Cable Channels
  1. CNN Interactive 
  2. MSNBC
  3. Discovery Channel Online 
  4. The Electronic Newsstand 
  5. The History Channel 
  6. The Internet Movie Database 
  7. Main Menu @ 
  8. MiddleWeb: Exploring Middle School Reform
  9. Online NewsHour 
  10. Philadelphia Online | HOME 
  11. Sites for Teachers
  12. Multimedia 
  13. TV Guide 
  14. CTW-The Official Home of Sesame Street 
  15. The Washington Post
Teacher/Education Resources
  1. 1001 Web Sites Education
  2. AskERIC Home Page (Lesson Plan Search Site)
  3. Busy Teachers Website K-12
  4. Classroom Connect 
  5. The Critical Thinking Community 
  6. Education Place 
  7. Ednow
  8. Educational Resources on the Web 
  9. eMail Classroom Exchange - K-12 Education Resource 
  10. Encarta Lesson Collection: Welcome 
  11. Encarta Schoolhouse
  13. The Impact of Technology 
  14. The Learning Kingdom 
  15. Lesson Plans For Every Subject Area 
  16. K12 Educational Resources Page 
  17. Kathy Schrock's Internet Guide for Educator's
  18. KET's Internet Resources for Teachers 
  19. Murry Bergtraum High School 
  20. Online Educator weekly hot list 
  21. Resources for Teachers 
  22. Tech Trekkers
  23. Washington DC City Pages 
  24. Worksheet Library (K-6)
  25. Yahoo's K-12 education Index

Internet/Computing Resources

  1. Clip Art Collections: Internet Resources 
  2. The Clip Art Connection - FTP Image/File Search Page 
  3. CNET features - how to - secrets of the Web design masters 
  4. CyberGuide 
  5. Download Paint Shop Pro 
  6. Dynamic HTML 
  7. Education First: Black History Activities 
  8. Educational Development & Technology 
  9. Elsop's Webmaster Resource Center 
  10. Harnessing the Power of the Web 
  11. Home Pages of High Schools in the U.S. 
  12. HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites 
  13. How to Upload load files through WS-FTP 
  14. HTML Elements 
  15. HTML: How to START your Home Page 
  16. HTML Resources 
  18. Internet Assistant for Microsoft PowerPoint
  19. Internet4Classrooms 
  20. Java/JavaScript Resources on the Internet 
  21. Laura's Web Zone 
  22. The List (Internet Service Providers) 
  23. Mapedit: Imagemap Creation Software 
  24. Maximized Software Color Browser Home Page 
  25. Microsoft NetMeeting 2.1 for Windows 95
  26. NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page
  27. The Net Magazine: The Ultimate Internet Guide 
  28. PC Computing's Home Page 
  29. PC Magazine Home Page
  30. A Sample Acceptable Use Policy 
  31. Setting Up A Web Site For Your School (Cassutto)
  32. Teacher Files: A Clip Art Website for Teachers
  33. Newsgroups & E-mail Discussion List Search
  34. Ultimate Web Publisher's Guide! 
  35. WebGround - Free background textures 
  36. Web Design Tutorials on the Internet 
  37. More Web Design Tutorials on the Internet 
  38. The Web Developer's Virtual Library 
  39. Web Pages That Suck -- Lesson 1 
  40. Web Magazine 
  41. Welcome to Life on the Internet! 
  42. Welcome to Web Developer Magazine Online 
  43. Welcome to Windows Sources 
  44. - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site


  1. Hagerstown MD Weather Forecast 
  2. Bill Nye the Science Guy's Nye Labs Online 
  3. Star-Birth in M16 
  4. Maryland Summer Gifted And Talented
  5. The Franklin Institute Science Museum 
  6. The Galileo Project, Homepage 
  7. 3D Visible Human Project 
  8. New Scientist Planet Science: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers 
  9. SKY Online's Meteor Page
  10. You Can with Beakman and Jax 
For Younger Internauts
  1. Cassutto's Cool Web Sites For Kids 
  2. Cool_Kids_Stuff 
  3. The Field Museum of Natural History 
  4. Hotlist: Kids Did This! 
  5. [KidsCom:] 
  6. Kidworld from Tandem House ... by kids and for kids! 
  8. The Magic School Bus Fun Place 
  9. NPR Science Friday Kids Connection 
  10. Star Trek 
  11. Web Sites for Kids: Math and Sciences 
  12. Welcome to the White House for Kids 
  13. Welcome To KOTI! 
  14. Cool Spots 

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