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Keeping in Shape

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2/3/07 Welcome to Basketball Diaries
2/4/07 Super Bowl XLI  
2/4/07 Dieting is a Way of Life
2/5/07 Stormy Monday Blues
2/6/07 Tuesdays with Georgie
2/7/07 At Home In the Gym
2/8/07 Order on the Court
2/9/07 Come to the Dark Side
2/12/07 Preview of Experience vs. Youth
2/13/07 Hold Your Own
2/15/07 Time to Heal
2/16/07 It's Not All About Winning
2/20/07 Getting Back into the Game
2/24/07 A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations
3/24/07 Keeping in Shape
6/03/07 Getting Back Into the Game: Part 2
7/06/07 The Mind-Body Connection
7/13/07 What is "success?"
7/25/07 It's How Well You Play The Game
7/30/07 Hiking in the Maryland Mountains
8/14/07 Physical and Spiritual Fitness
9/3/07 Working Out On Labor Day
9/18/07 Back from the Abyss
10/31/07 A Defining Moment
11/26/07 Back in the Game

With Glorie on the trail

There I am in 1997. No that's not the same red shirt!
But you can see the gut I was carrying around  on the other side of the backpack. Too many calories and no weightlifting led to the pudgy existence you see here. Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities, especially since I live about five miles from the Appalachian Trail. Hiking is a great calorie- burning activity when the weather is warm, but I have learned that calorie intake has be under control too. A good balance of cardio and strength training also raises metabolism,  making your body burn energy more efficiently.

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