Introduction To The Essay Reviewers: Champlin Park HS (MN)

This note was written by Carol Rudy, AP US History Teacher. The North High AP US History Class is grateful to her and her student-critics for their involvement in our on-line project. We hope other educators will do the same!

From: "Carol Rudy"
Subject: Reviews and intro to Champlin Park

Here is some information on Champlin Park High School and the A.P. U.S. History 
class.  Champlin Park is part of the Anoka-Hennepin School District.  We are the
3rd largest school district in Minnesota.  We are the newest high school in the 
district.  This is our fourth year in existence.  Our home page address is 

The class which wrote the reviews has 23 members.  They are mostly 10th with a 
few 11th graders. Most students are taking this class in place of the regular 
American history course offered in 10th grade.  We are on a four period day and 
these students will be in this class for  three terms till the end of March. We 
have just started writing essays and reviewing articles and books.  

As for myself, I have been teaching A.P. for three years.  I am a history teacher
and work mainly in American with a touch of Russian and Chinese to make it more 
interesting.  I have been teaching since 1965 and still love it.  

Carol Rudy

The Reviews:

Review of essay on Marijuana Use
Review of essay on The New Deal
Review of essay on Southern Generals (#1)
Review of essay on The Treaty of Versailles
Review of essay on Southern Generals (#2)

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