Evidence of Analytical and Integrative Thinking

Courses taken during the Master's program are listed below. Each course contains a link to reflections germane to that course. Click on a course name to review reflections. 

Fall Semester, 2003

EDCI 797a - Merging the Content Curriculum and Technology   

EDIT 797a - Web-Based Publishing 

Spring Semester, 2004

EDCI 797b - Research and Conceptions of the Content Fields 

EDIT 797b - Advanced Web-Based Publishing and Graphics Tools 

Summer Semester, 2004

EDCI 797c - Designing and Teaching the Problem-Centered Curriculum 

EDIT 797c - Advanced Graphic Design and Digital Video 

Fall Semester, 2004

EDCI 797d - Best Practices in the Content Fields 

EDIT 797d - Advanced Video Editing and Video Publication 

Spring Semester, 2005

EDCI 797e - Online Teaching   

EDIT 797e - HTML and Java Scripting 

Summer Semester, 2005

EDCI 790f - Internship in Online Teaching  

EDIT 797f - Web-Site Design and Management

Reflection on Summer Semester