Netscape Composer Lesson Plans

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File Management in Composer
Editing Page Properties
Editing Text Properties
The Horizontal Rule
Creating a Link
Inserting an Image
Creating Tables


It has never been easy to learn all of the HTML code to develop a web page. Often enough, students and teachers do not have the time to sit down and learn the HTML tags. Luckily for those busy (and in some cases lazy) people, Netscape has developed Communicator. Communicator is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Using this, one can create a basic web site in under an hour, and an advanced one in a day.

Today I am going to walk you through the steps needed to be taken in order to create a basic website using netscape composer.

To begin, you can run Netscape Composer by selecting Start Menu, Programs, Netscape Communicator, and then Netscape Composer.

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