Netscape Composer Lesson Plans

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File Management in Composer
Editing Page Properties
Editing Text Properties
The Horizontal Rule
Creating a Link
Inserting an Image
Creating Tables

File Management in Composer

A Section of the Main Toolbar
Figure 1

Figure 1 is a section of Composer's main toolbar. This toolbar should be the most used while in Netscape Composer.  From this toolbar you can create a new blank web page New Document Icon, open a pre-existing web page Open Icon, save the web page you are currently working on Save Icon (note that this option should be selected as

often as possible while working on a web page), preview what the web page will look like to the viewer Preview Icon, as well as cut, copy, and paste selections. The print icon will print the page as it looks in

Composer. If you wish to print, it is recommended that you print from the previewed screen.

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