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Creating Tables

To insert a table in Netscape Composer you will first want to have the curser at the position you would like the table to be inserted. Next, click on the table button on the main toolbar and the window below (figure 3.a) should appear.
Table Icon


Table Properties Window
Figure 3.a
To view the table that would created with these atributes scroll down.

The first thing you will want to do will be decide how many columns and rows you would like the table to contain and insert the values. In this case here the table will have 2 rows and 3 columns. Next you will want to set the alignment of the table (this is where the table will appear on the web page). You can align the table to the left, center, or right. In this example (figure 3.a) the table is aligned to the left, however, in most cases the table will be centered.

At this point you can decide whether or not you would like to insert a caption with your table. To insert a caption check the white box to the left of the words "Include caption", and then select whether you would like it above the table or below the table. You do not insert the text for the caption until you exit this window. You will see an area marked off by a box surrounded by dashed lines, either above the table or below it depending on where you decided to put it, in this box you can insert the text you desire. In the example above (figure 3.a) I did not include a caption.

In this window you can edit different attributes that effect the size, spacing, and borders of the table. To edit the width of the table border, edit the value in pixels in the box to the right of "Border line width" that you wish the table border to be. To have no table border just insert 0 in the box. Cell spacing and Cell Padding effect the amout of space, in pixels, between the cells and within the cells.

To edit the table width and height to a specific size, you will need to check the boxes to the left of "Table width" and "Table min. height." If the tables are not checked, then the table will be just large enough to surround what it is you have inserted into it. You can edit the attributes in either Percent of window or pixels.

From the table properties window (figure 3.a), you can choose either a color or an image as the background of the table.

Results of the table

Below is the table that would appear with the entered attributes of Figure 3.a. Notice that the border is 3 pixels wide, the table spans 100% of the window in width and there are 2 rows and 3 columns.


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