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File Management in Composer
Editing Page Properties
Editing Text Properties
The Horizontal Rule
Creating a Link
Inserting an Image
Creating Tables

The Horizontal Rule

The horizontal rule it a horizontal line that spans the page (see the above line).  You can insert a horizontal rule in Composer by clicking the H. Line button Horizontal Rule Icon on the main toolbar. A horizontal line will be inserted where your curser was. To edit the attributes of the line right click on it and select Horizontal Line Properties, A window like the one below (Fig 1.b) should appear.

Horizontal Line Properties Window
Figure 1.b

From this window you can edit the height (thickness) of the line in pixels, and the width (length) of the line in either percent of window or pixels. 3-D shading makes the line appear to be three dimensional, whereas if it is not checked the bar will appear as a solid color. You can align the bar to the right, left, or center.

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